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  • Office set



    Year: 2012
  • CUBE

    Striking a comfortable balance between work and everything else is one of the challenges of modern life. Cube was born out of a desire to do exactly that – and bring freshness to our workspaces at the same time.


    Materials: Stainless steel mirror finish and acrylic (PMMA)


    Card Holder

    Measurements: L: 48 mm W: 95 mm H: 48 mm


    Tape dispenser
    The tape dispenser is optimally suited for tape rolls with a width of 20 mm. The steel cylinder has a diameter of 26 mm.

    To change the roll of tape, remove the steel cylinder from the plastic holder. Push the cylinder through the tape roll and place it back in the plastic holder. Tape pieces can be cut of neatly by using the metal teeth at the end of the holder. NOTE: Take care when ripping off tape pieces as the metal teeth may be quite sharp.

    Measurements: L: 95 mm W: 48 mm H: 52 mm


    Pencil Holder

    Measurements: L: 95 mm W: 95 mm H: 95 mm


    Picture Holder

    The frame is suitable for photos size 10x15 cm.

    The photo can be changed by carefully separating the steel and plastic part. Place the new photo in the indicated spaces and reassemble the frame by pulling the steel part down over the plastic part.

    Measurements: H:195 mm W:120 mm D: 40 mm


    Paper Clip Holder

    Measurements: L: 95 mm W: 95 mm H: 48 mm


    Holder, small

    Measurements: L: 95 mm W: 95 mm H: 48 mm