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  • Pendant Lamp



    Year: 2016
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    He’s cracked it...
    Sixteen years after designing the floor lamp FLAPFLAP, Constantin Wortmann has finally cracked it. With a new version of FLAPFLAP he has re-imaged the legendary luminaire and further developed the award-winning concept.
    In best FLAPFLAP tradition the new design also makes a virtue of necessity by turning the power cord into the star. The five sweeping arms of the FLAPFLAP chandelier are bundled up in a central knot, as they would be in more classic models. But that’s about everything FLAPFLAP has in common with a classic chandelier. In typical FLAPFLAP fashion the lampshades are clamped with two sturdy springs to the illuminant and thus allow the shade to be adjusted in a variety of angles – a feature that emphasizes the effortlessness and nonchalance of the design.
    Again, Constantin Wortmann managed a design that seems to outwit gravity. The luminaire is suspended from the ceiling but at the same time seems to stand perpendicularly in the air. The fact that the shade can be adjusted in nearly every direction adds an additional angle to the obliqueness of this design.
    FLAPFLAP chandelier is the perfect tongue-in-cheek complement for classic interiors and add a touch of playfulness to cooler stylings.

    Material: PE, steel
    Colour: white
    Illuminant: E14 6 W LED, 2800 K